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Diagnose, Treat, Protect, Heal

QuickSplint® is an interim, multi-purpose, custom-fit bite plane that takes only minutes to fabricate and has dozens of practical uses in dentistry. Whether you are a general dentist or specialist, QuickSplint® comes to your aid to help diagnose, treat, protect, and heal your patients.


Custom-fit Chairside in Less Than 5 Minutes

Use QuickSplint with any fast-set heavy body VPS,
Designed for overnight wear, QuickSplint fits from canine to canine and is highly retentive.



  • QuickSplint serves as a healingand protective aid designed to be worn for several days or several weeks under your direction — until the patient no longer needs splinting, or the patient is transitioned to the most appropriate appliance
  • QuickSplint is the only bite-plane designed for interim care. It fills a need in dental care that until now has been overlooked
    or time-consuming to fabricate.
  • QuickSplint is time-saving, practical,affordable and reimbursable.
  • QuickSplint has dozens of practical applications across dentistry.
    You’ll find QuickSplint to be a mighty addition to your patient care!




  • Parafunction Use QuickSplint as a visual aid in the diagnosis of bruxism.
  • Patient Engagement QuickSplint aids in patient understanding of parafunc­tion and improves case acceptance.
  • Myogenous Pain On the day of consult, provide QuickSplint as first aid and for overnight relief from acute onset muscle and/or joint symptoms of bruxism, TMD or muscle pain.
  • Endodontic Diagnosis Use QuickSplint for determination of muscle versus joint versus tooth pain.
  • Risk Assessment Wearing QuickSplint for a 2-week period can supplement your diagnostic evaluation and help you identify a patient at high risk for certain dental treatments.
  • Joint Pain Use QuickSplint to initiate conservative, reversible treatment of TMJ-related pain.
  • Temporomandibular Disorders Use QuickSplint for differential diagnosis of sprain/strain or other complex conditions of the jaw, joints and muscles.
  • Deprogramming During the pre-treatment planning stage, QuickSplint will allow a stable platform upon which the condyle will migrate to centric relation.
  • Material Selection for Restorations Gauge the presence and severity of parafunction before restorative material selection.


  • Trial Therapy Use QuickSplint as trial therapy or to initiate treatment during the waiting period from the lab.
  • Specialist Referral Provide to patients in your office today to show your concern with first aid until the specialist can be seen.
  • Reduce Muscle Guarding QuickSplint allows the pericranial muscles to relax, reducing muscle tension and related pain of the head, face and jaw.
  • Bite Records for Restorations QuickSplint levels the occlusal plane and seats the condyles, allowing you to take centric bite records without the need of a whale tail.
  • Reduce Headache Pain With QuickSplint, headache pain associated with clenching and bruxing is reduced by modification of nociceptive input.
  • Final Equilibration QuickSplint provides a stable condylar position when used a few nights prior to placement of final restorations.
  • Invisalign® or Other Clear Aligner Trays Use QuickSplint over the tray to interfere with clenching behavior during orthodontic treatment.
  • Myofascial Pain QuickSplint provides relief and helps the patient return to normal masticatory muscle function.
  • Acute and Urgent Pain QuickSplint is complementary to other urgent or acute treatments for pain.


  • Protect Provisionals Use QuickSplint as an extra measure of protection so patients won’t dislodge provisionals and be back in your office for help.
  • Transitional after New Restorations Use QuickSplint as a temporary protective appliance until a custom appliance is fit and delivered.
  • Temporization For patients that you know are highly sensitive to occlusal adjustments, provide QuickSplint to help them at night through transi­tioning phases.
  • For Posterior Fillings QuickSplint provides immediate posterior tooth disclusion, protecting teeth and allowing the jaw to recover.
  • Post-endodontic Treatment Use QuickSplint immediately after therapy to avoid having to cut down the occlusion on the tooth or crown
  • Emergency Splint QuickSplint is easy to deliver as a back-up emergency splint.


  • Post-operative Healing Aid For laser, soft- and hard-tissue surgeries use QuickSplint to stabilize teeth and protect gingival tissues.
  • Minimize Treatment Failures Provide QuickSplint on the day of a surgical procedure to protect against damage from micro-trauma associated with nocturnal occlusal force.
  • Implant Placement Provide Quick­Splint the day of surgery to inhibit parafunctional clenching and minimize complications during the implant healing phase.
  • Reduce Possible Post-procedure Trauma from occlusal force without unnecessarily removing tooth structure.
  • Address Jaw Fatigue During long procedures, QuickSplint is prescribed to minimize complications prior to, during, and following restorative procedures.
  • Endodontic Patient Comfort QuickSplint provides added comfort overnight by reducing bite-force and giving the instrumented tooth time to fully heal from apical inflammation.