WOlf Black Label High Speed Handpiece


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WOlf Red Ring Electric Handpiece

The Wolf Electric handpiece is an excellent handpiece.The constant speed and torque as well as the fact that it is well balanced makes it very comfortable to use. Great value at an excellent price!

Gabriel Dahan , DDS Canada

“Outstanding performance with incredible value. This is a winning combination”

Dwayne Karateew,DDS Canada

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WOlf High Speed Handpiece

“The WOlf handpiece is a terrific value. Excellent torque and very durable!! Save money without sacrificing quality!”

Gary Radz, DDS USA

The Wolf handpieces are an extraordinary value….they are light, cut with great torque and precision and, can be designed to fit all systems….Oh yes!…amazingly affordable also!

George Kirtley, DDS USA

“Cuts great, fantastic torque, unbelievable value”

Ross Nash, DDS USA

WOlf handpieces are an excellent addition to my operatories. Very good quality and extraordinary value.

Tomas Seif DDS, MS. Venezuela

“The best BANG for your buck !”

Chris Ramsey, DDS USA

“The WOlf are silent, efficient and resistant. In one word,tailored for “real dentistry !”

Gil Tirlet, DDS France